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Single-purpose machines and devices

We offer complex services in single-purpose machines solution:


  • Consulting and advisory work

  • Offer preparation according to customers’ preferences

  • Technical studies-conception

  • CE machine certification

  • Machine construction

  • Production

  • Assembly and recovery

  • Machine transportation, maintenance, and operator training

  • Complete machine documentation delivery

  • Pre and post-warranty period service


We strongly emphasize equipment reliability, quality, and precision of our own made as well as purchased components and also simple and intuitive manipulation of the machine. The correct solution in ergonomics and safety on the workplace is the priority.

Technological operations that we are able to apply into single-purpose machines:

  • Bending

  • Cutting

  • Riveting

  • Gluing, Lubricating

  • Pressing

  • Screwing

  • Welding etc.


Testing stations that we integrate into operating:

  • Tightness and throughput control

  • Presence, surface and vision control

  • Physical values measuring

  • Verification of functions etc.

Single purpose products


We design and produce single purpose machines for a particular application desired by our client and we optimise it for our clients’ needs. In this field, the functionality, simplicity, and efficiency are our top priorities.

Automatic production machines


We offer complex services in production lines solution. Close cooperation with our client is highly important to us.


Welding machines and products


We offer development, construction, and production of welding products.

Visual systems


We apply camera sensors and also advanced camera systems. Camera control of production is being applied everywhere where it is needed to monitor more functions at the same time or at a fast pace. We are able to reach high reliability and efficiency of the control process using camera sensors.


Testing stations


We deal with testing stations by following responding requests of each of our clients.