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Our expert team consists of ten machine designers and seven electro designers. Our constructional office is equipped with construction 3D Solid Edge environment software and advanced application software designed for electrical engineering, mechatronics, fluid technologies and technologies that measure and regulate EPLAN.


We can guarantee high productivity of constructional work and also the competitiveness of products and design thanks to the usage of progressive CAD technologies.


We use information system Helios Orange for management, control and internal leading of construction, storage, production and machine device assembling.


In external engineering field we offer:

  • Product development

  • Project leading

  • Communication with customers

  • Prototype production

  • Specific equipment documentation

  • Maintenance manuals


Quick Contact

K2 Machine s.r.o.


Semtín 105

UMA area

530 02 Pardubice

Tel.: +420 775 770 698

Tel.: +420 775 770 699


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