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About Us

We are a Czech company that is based in Pardubice. We develop, construct and produce single-purpose machines and production equipment for Czech as well as abroad clients. You will find single-purpose machines, production lines, robotic systems, sealer, press, rivet and similar machines in our portfolio.


Our employees have several years of experience with projecting, developing and realising  the production of machines and production machines and equipment. We emphasize individual approach and cooperation during machine designing as well as satisfaction of our customers’ needs. Our goal is satisfied customers and longtime partnerships.

We offer:


  • Complex solutions in single-purpose machines, production lines, and equipment construction

  • Planning, construction, and production of various kinds of products (assembling, handling, welding, etc.)

  • Ergonomic worktables for hand manufacture (including delivery of helpful handling equipment, manual and electric tools, etc.)

  • Production process automation

  • Robotization of workspaces

  • Production lines and equipment maintenance

  • Custom production assurance of following enclosed drawing documentation


We supply components of renowned brands for industry usage (electric, pneumatic and hydraulic components, linear wiring, electric propulsion and aluminous frames assembling systems including its accessories).

We use 3D software for our construction works.

We have the option of using:


  • Machining shop (conventional and CNC machines - cutters, lathes, sanders)

  • Welding shop (usual welding techniques)

  • Material preliminary shop (division, manual works)

  • Clean mountings


We are able to react very fast to any needs of our customers due to these production capacities.


The company K2 Machine s.r.o. has established the ISO 9001 norm.

Quick Contact

K2 Machine s.r.o.


Semtín 105

UMA area

530 02 Pardubice

 Tel.: +420 775 770 698

Tel.: +420 775 770 699


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