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Technological operations

We are able to apply various technological operations into the structure of single-purpose machines and production lines that follow both wishes and needs of our clients. We cooperate these technological knots with proven partners or we develop it based on our own experience and knowledge. We prefer approved solutions where the stability of the technological process and efficiency of machines are guaranteed.

We offer development, construction, and production of devices and machines:

  • Taping machines

  • Lubricating devices

  • Pressing machines - we provide a solution in pressing, control, and manipulation with parts

  • Riveting machines - direct, orbital and radial rivet

  • Bending machines

  • Screwing devices - we design products for manual screwing that provide precise positioning of the screwdriver with the screwed part. We can supply the product including a mounting table, automatic screw handler, balancer, etc. We also offer a solution in automatic screwing matters including part manipulation, tightening torque control, screwdriver positioning and reliable screw dosing.


We emphasize functionality, simple construction and efficiency.

We design machines for a particular application and we customise it according to our clients’ needs.

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K2 Machine s.r.o.


Semtín 105

UMA area

530 02 Pardubice

Tel.: +420 775 770 698

Tel.: +420 775 770 699


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