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In our company K2 Machine we devote ourselves to the custom production of single-purpose machines, production lines and handling systems.


Development that supports introducing of new production and construction technologies is important to us. We are continuously extending our own development department that deals with automation of production technologies and procedures.

We took part in the POTENCIAL project (Operational program Business and innovation) to achieve our goals.

  • Machining (purchase of three-axis vertical machining centre with geometry shape machine targeting and optimisation of tip conditions during machining)

  • Metrology (purchase of mobile 3D coordinate measuring machine with targeting on optimisation of measuring tasks and documenting measured results with the help of measuring protocol)

  • CAM software (for advanced optimisation of project plan and connecting with CAD technology).


1. Project specialisation


Development department has been extended by developing the process of flat and cabinet parts design - the possibility of realisation the parts from metallic as well as nonmetallic materials, streamline of project technological operations and construction, metrological developed parts quality verification with the possibility of part comparing, furthermore 3D model and scanned data comparing. Implementing new project technology of shape parts with the help of CAM software and implementing this SW into construction standards. The newly created section will not partake in classic production.

2. Project results


  • Development department expansion, enlargement the development team by two employees

  • Implementing new technologies of machine parts

  • Extending the portfolio of materials used for projected parts


Realisation of this project enabled further development of our company, increasing competitiveness and creation of new development job positions.

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